Hatfield Medical Group – Chandler

With a history named after Dr. Alexander John Chandler, the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona territory, Hatfield Medical Group plans on continuing this history of serving quality healthcare services with Chandler Primary Care. This medical background stemming from Chandler, Arizona’s humble beginnings is a strong inspiration to our staff in consistently delivering the finest results.

We are a longstanding medical provider supported by a professional history of seasoned doctors and physicians as well. Your family is in competent hands both humanely and mechanically. From experienced staff to advanced facilities prepared for many kinds of illnesses and from all stages of life. Our overall setup guarantees security and accuracy of your private data and lab results. With this in mind, Chandler Primary Care is your go-to healthcare in AZ package perfect for the whole family. Once you enter our doors, your comfort is our chief concern and accompanying it with efficiency and security is how we come full circle to all your tailored needs. Our branches have spanned the rest of Mesa and Gilbert in Arizona, and we are striving to deliver our medical services and expertise to more people in the state. More branches are soon to operate and serve you in the near future so stay tuned for updates.

Holding true to our roots from the likes of Dr. Chandler, we ensure a well-rounded abundance of knowledge and experience from different walks of life. Our training ensures a comfortable and pleasant scheduling and treatment throughout your appointment process. Expect a smooth healthcare service as soon as you set your own schedule with us. Simply call below for an appointment and we’ll be with you shortly (480) 718-1300.

Your family deserves to be in their healthiest. Have your most comfortable medical experience at Chandler Primary Care, we are Hatfield Medical Group.