Hatfield Medical Group – Red Mountain

East Mesa Arizona includes Maricopa county which is the most populous county in the state of Arizona. No wonder more and more people are searching for the best Red Mountain Primary Care.

Look no further! Hatfield Medical Group is a longstanding healthcare provider that has the professional capacity, advanced facilities, and polished track record to efficiently diagnose your individual needs as well as your family. Our services are ready for any age within a broad horizon of health services available for you.

From skilled staff to innovative facilities ready for many kinds of illnesses and from all stages of life. Hatfield Medical Group is your Red Mountain Primary Care service provider for the whole family. Our physicians have gathered years of practice and experience from all walks of life to provide an all-around health check for you. With branches spanning the rest of Stapley, Gilbert, and Chandler in Arizona, we are striving to deliver our medical services and expertise to more people in the state. More branches are soon to operate and serve you in the near future so stay tuned for updates.

If you’re looking for top-notch Red Mountain Primary care then let our experienced physicians prove it to you. We carefully monitor our daily functions to guarantee our patients and their families the kind of comfort they deserve. Preventive healthcare? Regular Checkups? Vaccinations? Wellness Screenings? We provide all those treatments and more. Our exam rooms are fully equipped and designed to fit our patients’ needs of utmost privacy and efficiency, your whole family will be treated in no time at all. This is our commitment to our long-fought mission of medical service and treatment to our patients founded from passion and prowess.

How can we help you?

At Hatfield Medical Group, we deliver quality, compassionate care; to every patient, every day.

Red Mountain, AZ

6820 E Brown Rd Red Mountain, AZ 85207

(480) 718-1285

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