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Mesa Arizona includes Maricopa county, which is the most populous county in the state of Arizona. More people mean more demand for outstanding quality healthcare for patients.

On September 1877, the First Mesa Company arrived at the Jones’ Lehi settlement but decided to move up onto the mesa that also serves as the city’s namesake. Due to lack of resources, the Second Mesa Company settled to the west of the initial First Mesa Company’s area when they arrived in 1879. This settlement was originally called Alma and later Stringtown. It is now located where Alma School Road is now. Mesa City was registered as a 1-square-mile townsite on July 17, 1878. The first school was built in 1879. In 1883, Mesa City started bustling with a population of 300 people and the rest was history.

Hatfield Medical Group is a longstanding professional healthcare provider with advanced facilities, and polished track record to efficiently service the Mesa community.

From skilled staff, to innovative facilities, Hatfield Medical Group is Mesa’s top primary care provider. With branches in Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler Arizona, Hatfield Medical Group strives to provide quality service to more people throughout the state.
Hatfield Medical Group aims to be the highest quality primary care provider in Arizona. Call us today to schedule appointment (480) 444-2017.

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